FAT-Tools USA is founded, owned and operated by Andrew Miller.  Andy, as he is known in the sports world, is one of the world’s most renowned sports therapists.  He has worked on many top performing athletes in the world.


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Little History of the Legend, Andy Miller

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29 July 2014


I have the incredible pleasure of catching up with a legend of sports massage, Andy Miller. For years Andy has worked in track and field with some f the top athletes in the world. I was able to catch Andy for a quick a minute to ask him about some of the ins and outs of his work. 

Hi Andy, Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions.  You have worked in track and field, along with other sports for a long time, going back to the 70's.  What makes a therapist sought out and what makes you different from all the other massage therapists out there? 

The most important I think is quick results. I am sought out because I combine deep tissue release and joint mobilization.  Since I have been using the FAT Tools (Fascial Abrasion Technique), my treatments......

Top track masseur: “Women have a much higher pain threshold than the men”

5 March 2013


Andy Miller's healing hands have pushed, shoved and cajoled the likes of Ato Boldon, Maurice Greene and 2009 world champion Brigitte Foster-Hylton (above) to glory.

SPIKES chats to the top US massage therapist about accidentally elbowing Andreas Thorkildsen, and why women are the toughest athletes on the treatment table...

Andy Miller

Autumn 2008


On the eve of the London Grand Prix at Crystal Place, the lobby of the Croydon Park Hotel is teeming with some of the world's leading international athletes.  They are milling around, lugging their bags and equipment, checking in or waiting for the lift.  Sitting quietly on a sofa in the middle of the chaos, unbothered by the autograph hunters, is a man who has amassed 61 meadals over the last three World Championships and the 2004 Olympics......

When Spikesmag.com Met
Andy Miller



When spikesmag.com was struggling to be fit for a 30 minute run with Ethiopian distance running legend Haile Gebrselassie in California, there was only one man who could save the day – leading massage therapist Andy Miller.

The prospect of running (at jogging pace, we were reassured) with a two-time Olympic champion and multiple world record-breaking distance running should not be....

IAAF Magazine
Andrew Miller - Has table, will travel, will heal

21 May 2005

For those who know the Athletics circuit, Andrew Miller is a common reassuring uace. For the athletes who keep the sport alive, he is the must-have sports therapist. Chris Turner tells the amazing story of this gentle giant with healing hands. 


Air travel is exhausting and stressing.  The weight of a protective hard skin suitcase, let alone its intended contents tends to weigh more than the standard 20 ?25kg baggage allowance. Then there is the usual clenched teeth check-in discussion where the traveler tries to convince a harassed member of the.....

Mr. Andy Miller's Fox TV Segment
Masseur Andy Miller (SD kwaliteit)
Andy Working On An Athlete
Spikes Magazine Autumn 2008
Andy Miller Olympic Trials 2000
Andy & Stacey Dragilia 2000