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The Fascial Abrasion Technique (FAT) Tools are the REVOLUTIONARY soft tissue treatment tools with a patented textured surface that allows for quick and effective tension release.

Fascial Abrasion Technique

Tools Training Workshops
with Andy Miller

Don't miss out
on learning

the latest techniques

Andy Miller has

worked with

FAT-Tools for years

Meet the Man

Behind the FAT-Tools

Mr. Andy Andy Miller

Fascial Abrasion Technique (FAT) Tools Training Workshops

HEATH CARE PROVIDERS - FAT-Tool training for those in the health care industry

Participants learn how to use the FAT-Tool to assess and treat common soft tissue clinical conditions. The intensive 1 day course includes a mixture of classroom presentations and practical lab sessions addressing the key principles and concepts associated with diagnosing soft tissue injuries and using the Fascial Abrasion Techniques and Tools.

If you have not already received your FAT-Tool package, you will get the FAT-Tool Pro set which includes the Large and mini Pro models, a Large 5 oz tub of soothing balm and a 2 oz sample size of the warming balm.

MASSAGE THERAPISTS, PERSONAL TRAINERS AND STRENGTH COACHES - FAT-Tool Training specifically for Personal Trainers and Coaches

A specially designed model of the FAT-Tool for Personal Trainers and Coaches is available to assist in mobilizing tight fascia and to help improve motor function.

To obtain a FAT-Tool Trainers model and to learn how to properly and effectively use the tool, Personal Trainers and Coaches are required to enroll in a special FAT-Tool workshop offered exclusively through the FIT Institute, a leader in education for Personal Trainers and Coaches.

This required course ensures that you will be able to develop skills and confidence in effective use of the tool with your clients.

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